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The Barracks

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Welcome to the Barracks, this page details the heroes of our Saga.

 Individual pages for each hero, containing any character art and background information provided by each player, can be reached via the hyperlinks of each hero's name.


The Dragons of Light
(A Company in service to the Blades of Light)

  • Archren Elmleaf - Elven wizard, and scholar, her destiny lies with the Loremasters of the Gnarley...or so she hopes.
  • Broderick Simbacca - Proud barbarian warrior of the north.
  • Gohan -  
  • Kaav - Mysterious sorcerer, with an even more mysterious source of power.
  • Kentir Onaunus - A true rapscallion, this half-elf youngster possesses many useful skills.  Taken off the streets by Commander Kagan of the Dyvers Blades, Kentir  is the youngest active member of the organization.  Though his background is shaded, at best, his heart is brighter than even he may guess.
  • Magdor of Valaduum - Trustworthy companion to Aust, Magdor accompanied his 'touched' friend in order to make a name for himself, as well as out of familial courtesy....everyone knows Aust needs someone to watch his back.
  • Pallenia Lunastar - Elven maiden, with a passion for vengeance.
  • Vanduin Silverthorn - Elven Warrior, his skill with the rapier is legendary.


Departed Members

Some of our friends have gone on to pursue personal agendas and we wish them luck in their travels.


  • Aust Torfarn-rem - Aust left Valaduum to find his cousin, Gaeg, and inform him of the disappearance of Dulin, Gaeg's father.  When Gaeg was determined to depart in search of Dulin, Aust and Magdor wished to go with him, but Gaeg felt that the resulting tarnish on the honor of his cousins would be  too much.  Instead, Aust and Magdor joined with the Dragons of Light in service to the Blades, taking Gaeg's place.
  • Daesha Raglan - Warrior princess from far to the south, Daesha's arrival in Dyvers was quite a surprise to her uncle, Commander Kagan of the Blades of light.
  • Gaeg the Nameless - The events of his youth prompted this Dwarf  to take up the calling of a Paladin of Heironeous.   Cast out from his Clan, Gaeg found a home among the Blades of Light and the adventure begins.
  • Bracken Bloodroot - Dwarven woodsman...yes woodsman.   Fortunately for him, the elven ranger who first saved him from the goblins who slew his father was willing to take him in upon discovery of the loss of his clan as well.  He proved more adept at wilderness skills than the elf ever imagined possible, and earned a place as a protector of the Gnarley by the time he came of age.
  • Khan Blackmoor - The victim of an orc raid upon his mother's homestead, this half-orc barbarian never knew a family until he stumbled upon a badly wounded paladin in the Gnarley Forest.  Though the paladin never fully recovered from his grievous wounds, and death overtook him, for the time they were together Khan learned what 'family' and 'friend' meant.  The Blades of Light befriended Khan as a friend of one of their own (the Paladin).
    Khan has left the Dragons of Light to assist the bard Lia Spellsong and her husband Tory.  Where he has gone, and the details of their mission are top secret, but Magdor and Aust ran in to them far to the south along the Wild Coast.
  • Imory Half-Elven - This Half-elven Caravan guard assisted in the clearing of Khundrukar, but his attitude towards others of the Dragon's caused them to leave him behind in Blasingdell.  Rumor has it that he sold off the goods and magic he'd collected while with the heroes and bought himself a little farm.

Those who've passed beyond

We mourn the loss of our fallen friends:

  • Dannielle Raglan - Sister of Daesha, Dannielle was lost to the great oozed forth by the "dark obelisk beneath the ruined moathouse near Hommlett.
  • .Buagh Cathal - This dwarven priest of Moradin fell to a goblin assault in the Sunless Citadel, Flocktime, 591 CY.
  • Gamble the Mad- This human sorcerer fell to the assault of were-rats in Caltaras.
  • Legacy Strongfist - This brave monk of Pelor fell to the were-rat assault in Caltaras while trying to protect Gamble.
  • Tara Sunspirit - Missing in Action after the assault on Caltaras by the foul minions of Hextor and the Speaker in Dreams.

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