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The Armory

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Though the core rules contain numerous weapons, enough to satisfy most any player's needs, some players may wish to choose something even more exotic.  If a player has any specific weapon in mind, please check with the DM regarding availability, and possible statistics for the weapon.

Listed below are those weapons for which game information currently exists.  This list is by all means not exhaustive, and should the weapon you have in mind not be on it, perhaps the DM will endeavor to create your weapon of choice.

In back of the Armory is the dry goods store, with more equipment and items for the enterprising adventurer.

New Exotic Weapons


Weapon Cost Damage Critical Range Weight Type
Unarmed Attacks            
      Ward Cestus1 10gp * * - 4 lb.. -
      Panther Claw3* 75gp 1d4 x3 - 3 lb. S or P
      Sai2 10gp 1d4 x2 10 ft. 0.5 lb. B
      Stump knife1* 8gp 1d4 19-20/x2 - 2 lb. P
      Tortoise Blade, Gnome2 20gp 1d4 19-20/x2 - 1 lb. P
      Triple Dagger1 10gp 1d4 19-20/x2 - 1 lb. P
      Battlepick, gnome1 10gp 1d6 x4 - 5 lb. P
      Buckler-axe, Dwarven2 30gp 1d6 x3 - 6 lb. S
      Bladed gauntlet1* 30gp 1d6 19-20/x2 - 4 lb. S
      Crescent Knife2 20gp 1d3 x2 - 1 lb. S
      War fan1 30gp 1d6 x3 - 3 lb. S
      Chain-and-dagger1 4gp 1d4 19-20/x2 - 4 lb. P
      Lajatang, Halfling2 80gp 1d8 x2 - 15 lb. B
      Mercurial longsword1 400gp 1d8 x3 - 6 lb. S
      Scourge2 20gp 1d3 x2 - 2lb. S
      Thinblade, Elven2 100gp 1d8 18-20/x2 - 3lb. P
      Climbing Staff, Elven  (double weapon) 20gp 1d6/1d8 x2/x3 - 6 lbs. B/P
      Crusher, Orc2 60gp 1d8 x2 - 15 lb. B
      Duom1 20gp 1d8 x3 - 8 lb. P
      Fullblade1 100gp 2d8 19-20/x2 - 23 lb. S
      Gyrspike1  (double weapon) 90gp 1d8/1d8 19-20/x2 - 20 lb.  S/B
      Gythka2  (double weapon) 100gp 1d8/1d8 x2 - 12 lb. S
      Lajatang2  (double weapon) 90gp 1d8/1d8 x2 - 7 lb. S
      Mancatcher2 30gp 1d4± x2 - 8 lb. B
      Manti1 15gp 1d8 x3 - 9 lb. P
      Mercurial Greatsword1 600gp 2d6 x4 - 17 lb. S
      Scimitar, Double3 (double weapon) 125gp 1d6/1d6 18-20/x2 - 15 lb. S
      Scimitar, Great2 50gp 2d6 18-20/x2 - 16 lb. S
      Scythe, War 300gp 2d6 x4 - 15 lb. P,S
      Staff, Bladed3 (double weapon) 50gp 1d8/1d8 x2 20 ft. 10 lb. S
      Three-section staff1 4gp 1d8 x3 - 8 lb. B


Exotic Weapons - Ranged

Weapon Cost Damage Critical Range Weight Type
      Fukimi-Bari (mouth dart)1 1gp 1 x2 10 ft. 0.1 lb. P
      Skiprock, halfling1 3gp 1d3 x2 10 ft. 0.25 lb. B
      Bolas, 2 ball1 5gp 1d4* x2 10 ft. 2 lb. B
      Bolas, Barbed2 20gp 1d6* x2 10 ft. 4 lb. P
      Boomerang2 20gp 1d4±* x2 20 ft. 2 lb. B
      Chatkcha2 40gp 1d6 x2 20 ft. 0.5 lb. S
      Blowgun, Halfling2 15gp 1d2 x2 10 ft. 1 lb. P
                    Darts (10) 1gp - - - 0.5 lb. -
      Spinning javelin1 2gp 1d8 19-20/x2 50 ft. 2 lb. P
      Spring-loaded gauntlet1 200gp 1d4 x2 20 ft. 4 lb. P
      Blowgun2 20gp 1d3 x2 10 ft. 2 lb. P
                    Darts (10) 1gp - - - 0.5 lb. -
      Crossbow, great1 100gp 1d12 19-20/x2 150 ft. 15 lb. P
      Harpoon1 15gp 1d10 x2 30 ft. 10 lb. P
      Shotput, Orc1 10gp 2d6 19-20/x3 10 ft. 15 lb. B
      Whip, Mighty*1            
           +1 Str. bonus1 200gp 1d2± x2 15 ft.* 3 lb. S
           +2 Str. bonus1 300gp 1d2± x2 15 ft.* 4 lb. S
           +3 Str. bonus1 400gp 1d2± x2 15 ft.* 5 lb. S
           +4 Str. bonus1 500gp 1d2± x2 15 ft.* 6 lb. S
      Whip Dagger*1 25gp 1d6 19-20/x2 15 ft.* 3 lb. S
      Whip Dagger, Mighty*1            
           +1 Str. bonus1 225gp 1d6 19-20/x2 15 ft.* 4 lb. S
           +2 Str. bonus1 325gp 1d6 19-20/x2 15 ft.* 5 lb. S
           +3 Str. bonus1 425gp 1d6 19-20/x2 15 ft.* 6 lb. S
           +4 Str. bonus1 525gp 1d6 19-20/x2 15 ft.* 7 lb. S
Ammunition (NOT exotic)            
      Alchemist's arrow (1)1 75gp * - - 0.2 lb. P*
      Tumbling bolt (1)1 50 gp * - - 0.2 lb. P

* See weapon entry for special rules
± Deals Subdual Damage
1 From Sword and Fist Guidebook
2 From Dragon Issue #275
3 From Dragon Issue #281


Weapon Equivalents1

Katana Masterwork Bastard Sword
Claymore Greatsword
Wakizashi Masterwork Short Sword
Gladius Short Sword
Scramasax (sax) Short Sword
Ninja-to Short Sword
Flamberge Greatsword
Broadsword Longsword
Bow, Daikyu Longbow (strength bow)
Bow, Hankyu Shortbow
Nagimaki Ranseur
Yari Javelin
Bokken Greatclub

1 From Sword and Fist Guidebook

Elven Arrows3

Weapon Cost Critical Range Weight (per 20) Type
Blunt Arrow 10gp 20 - 3 lb. B
Flight Arrow 10gp 20 +20 ft. 2 lb. P
Signal Arrow 10gp 20 - 3 lb. P
Smoke Arrow 25gp - -10 ft. 4 lb. -
Thunder Arrow 35gp - -20 ft. 6 lb. -

3From Dragon #279


Alchemist's Arrow

Burst into flame 1 round after impact, for 1d4 damage.  Target can spend a full round-action to put out the fire (reflex vs. DC 15) before taking this damage.

Battlepick, Gnome

Crafted and weighted for small creatures only.  Small creatures can use the weapon 2-handed as a 'martial' weapon.

Bladed Gauntlet

Unlike a standard gauntlet, an attack with a bladed gauntlet is not considered an unarmed attack. The bladed gauntlet possesses two cruelly sharpened blades that extend from the back of the wrist following the line of the forearm. The cost and weight are for a single gauntlet.

Bolas, 2 ball

A successful ranged touch attack, if hit, trips the opponent.  If the opponent fails a grapple check vs. the attack roll, opponent is pinned by the bolas as well.  Only works against medium-size or smaller opponents.  An opponent can extricate himself from bolas as a full-round action, automatically.

Bolas, Barbed

As Bolas, 2 ball above, but does more damage due to wicked barbs on the ends.


Returns to its thrower on a MISS.  To catch it, the character must make a attack roll (as if he were throwing it) and hit AC10.  Failure means the boomerang lands 10 feet away from him.

Buckler Axe, Dwarven

This small shield is also fitted with a wicked axe blade along one of its edges, providing a nice emergency weapon.


+2 bonus on opposed attack when attempting a disarm (including the roll to keep from being disarmed yourself).  Can also use the weapon to perform a trip, getting a +2 bonus.  If you are tripped in retaliation of your trip action, can opt to drop the chain-and-dagger instead of being tripped.

Climbing Staff, Elven

This special elven double-weapon is a 6'  long staff, tipped with a hook.  Its primary purpose is to aid climbing into and through the trees, and as such is favored by elven scouts and lookouts.  Elves who utilize this tool often, however, get training in its use as a weapon as well.  As long as you're going to lug it about, you may as well learn to fight with it, they figure.  Fortunately for them, it proves to be as effective as a weapon as it is as a tool.


A three-pointed wedge, this weapon returns to its thrower on a miss.  Catching it requires an attack vs. AC10.  Failure indicates it land on the ground 10' away from the thrower.  Nonproficient users trying to catch a returning Chatkcha take damage from its sharp edges.

Crescent Knife

A crescent shaped blade attacked to a cross-shaft, allowing its user to make two simultaneous attack rolls each time he attacks with it.  (it reminds me of a certain Klingon weapon...)

Crossbow, Great

A huge 2 handed beast of a crossbow, this x-bow is loaded via a winch, is a full round action to load, and provokes AoO.

Crusher, Orc

Heavy, clublike weapon, it is used in a way unlike any other weapon.  It allows attacks over Medium sized or smaller allies in front of its wielder with no penalties.


Longspear with a standard spearhead and 2 long blades curving backward along the shaft, which can be used to attack adjacent foes, as well as possessing the longspears natural reach.  Apply a +2 bonus ot the first attack made vs. an adjacent opponent.

Elven Arrows

Blunt Arrows: Masterwork Arrows with special wooden tips that do subdual damage instead of normal.

Flight Arrows: Masterwork arrows crafted especially light and aerodynamic, increasing a bow's range increment.

Signal Arrow: Masterwork arrow designed to emulate birds' calls when fired.  The intricate design makes them clumsy in flight, however, resulting in a -2 penalty if they are used to attack.

Smoke Arrow: Essentially a smokestick (see PHB, p.114) in the shape of an arrow.  It does no damage, but results in the smoke being emitted in a 10-foot cube where it strikes.

Thunder Arrow: An arrow with thunderstones (PHB, P.114) on their tips, thunder arrows do no damage but the thunderstone's sonic attack is triggered on impact.

Fukimi-Bari (Mouth Dart)

Can fire up to three mouth darts per attack (all at the same target).  Do not apply str. modifier to to damage rolls.  Cost and wieght indicated are for a single mouth dart.

Fullblade (Ogre's Greaatsword)

A fullblade is18 inches longer than a greatsword, and is too large for a Medium-size creature to use at all. A Large creature could use the fullblade with one hand, but would suffer the standard –4 nonproficiency penalty to its attack rolls, or with two hands as a martial weapon. A Large creature with the Exotics Weapon proficiency could use the fullblade in one hand with no penalty. A fullblade is also called an ogre’s greatsword.


Double weapon, one end of the shaft holds a fail and the other a longsword.  Grants bonuses to disarm and trip identical to Dagger and Chain (above).


A polearm with razor-sharp slashing blades, it is useful for making trip attacks.  If you are tripped in retaliation of your trip attempt, you may drop the weapon instead of being tripped.

It is also a double weapon, allowing 2 trip attempts as a full round action, in place of making normal attacks.


Intended for use in hunting whales and other large sea creatures, this weapon can be used on dry land too.  See Sword and Fist for all the details.

Lajatang or Halfling Lajatang

A staff with a crescent shaped blade at each end, it is a double weapon. 

A monk may use the lajatang as a 'monk preferred' weapon, using her unarmed BAB, more favorable attacks per round, etc.  Note, the monk MUST take Exotic weapon proficiency with this weapon to do this.


Used to capture opponents un-harmed, the mancatcher results in initiation of an immediate grapple (as a free-action) on a successful attack against a small or medium-sized opponent.  In addition to the normal grappling options (detailed in PHB, Chapter 8), the wielder of the mancatcher can attempt to pull his already-grappled opponent to the ground as a trip action, without the need to roll an attack roll.

The mancatcher is a reach weapon, and cannot be used against opponents in adjacent squares.


A shortspear with 4 additional spearheads that project vertically from the shaft creating a star-pattern.  Allows a trained user to make one extra AoO per round.

Mercurial Greatsword

Filed with quicksilver to give it extra 'punch' when swung, this weapon is difficult to use for those without proper training, and carries additional non-proficiency penalties.

Mercurial Longsword

Like its big brother, the Mercurial Greatsword, just smaller.

Orc, Shotput

After their leader boycotted the Olympic, the orc track and field team decided to take matters into their own hands.  (err..that was supposed to be an attempt at humor)

Panther Claw

The panther claw looks much like a punching dagger with two extra blades at 45 degree angles on either side of the main blade.  The weapon retains the deadly force of the punching dagger, while the extra blades are useful for disarming opponents.  Wielder's proficient with the panther claw gain a +4 competency bonus when making disarm attempts with the panther claw.


The Sai is designed to help catch and disarm opponent's weapons, though it can also be used to attack, and even can be thrown.  A sai user gets a +4 bonus on attempts to disarm and opponent.

Monks with exotic weapon proficiency in the Sai may use their unarmed BAB, number of attacks, etc. when fighting with Sai(s).

Scimitar, Double

The curved blades of the double scimitar are used most effectively when spinning and twirling with the weapon.  Despite the size of it, the weapon benefits more from quick, precise movements than from brute force.  The double scimitar is a double weapon.

Scimitar, Great

A big, big, scimitar, common to Arabian-style settings and often used by strong humanoid creatures.


A three-tailed barbed whip, allowing the wielder to make 3 simultaneous attack rolls per attack.  This weapon requires separate proficiency from the Whip/Dagger Whip, but can be used by a Lasher as his whip of choice.

Skiprock, Halfling

Polished and perfectly weighted, these stones are prized by halflings.  If thrown 'just right' they ricochet off one target striking a second.

Spinning Javelin

Due to their design, these javelins can be prepared with a wrapping string (full round action) tied to the throwers finger, which causes the javelin to spin when released, improving its range, accuracy, and penetrating power.  They can be thrown as a regular javelin if the string is foregone.

Spring-Loaded Gauntlet

Mini-crossbow in a glove.

Staff, Bladed

The blades staff is 6 feet long, with blades at both ends.  The complex fighting style employed with this weapon typically uses the haft of the weapon for defense, and the blades for offense.  The blades staff is a double weapon.

Stump knife

Similar to a punching dagger, except it is fitted over the stump of a missing limb.  You cannot be disarmed, and fight as if this weapon were an extension of your body (probably because it IS!), allowing critical range to be doubled (17-20) vs. any opponent you have damaged already in any continuous melee .(this feature is ruled out in the Stormkeep Campaign)  Note, the cost to purchase this is more than just its gold must pay with one of your hands as well....

Thinblade, Elven

Rapier-like weapon favored by dexterous elven fighters and rogues.  Can be used with the Weapon Finesse feat.

Three-Section Staff

This weapon is comprised of 3-sections of wood, of equal lengths, joined at the ends by chain, leather, or rope.

A monk who takes the exotic weapon proficiency in this weapon fights with her unarmed BAB and number of attacks per round.  The staff requires 2-hands to use.  A Monk/Weaponmaster may choose this staff as her weapon of choice.

Tortoise Blade, Gnome

This weapon looks like a turtle shell strapped to the gnome's wrist, with a dagger-like blade jutting out where the gnomes fingers should be.  It is designed to be used in the off-hand, acting as a buckler (with the statistics of a buckler) as well as useful for off-hand attacks.

Triple Dagger

Used in the off-hand as a means to disarm one's opponent, this weapon is held as a shield, not another weapon, and does not cause penalties for fighting with 2-weapons.  Grants a +3 bonus when disarming.

If used as a weapon of attack, it is treated as a normal dagger, and all normal penalties for fighting with 2 weapons apply.

Tumbling Bolt

This bolt is designed such that it tumbles end over end, causing opponents to misjudge its trajectory (half their Dex bonus, rounded down, for their AC).

War Fan

This appears to be nothing more than a beautifully crafted ladies fan, but is an instrument of death indeed.  Wielder may attempt a bluff check vs. sense motive of opponent when she first brings out the weapon into melee.  If successful, +4 bonus to attack rolls on the first round's attack(s).

Ward Cestus

Stout leather gauntlet with metal weights sewn into it.  Attacks with it are considered unarmed.  Iff All-Out Defense action is take, the ward cestus grants a +1 bonus to AC.

Whip Dagger

A character with Exotic Proficiency (whip) is also proficient with the Whip Dagger.  It is a heaver whip, lined with barbs, and possessing a dagger-like tip.  Thus, unlike a normal whip, the whip dagger inflicts regular damage (not subdual) and is not hindered by amour bonuses or natural armor bonuses.

The whip dagger is also useful for performing trip actions and disarming opponents.  See Sword and Fist Guidebook for game mechanics of this.


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