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Blades HQ

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The Blades of Light, an organization whose purpose is to seek out and thwart the plans of those with less than noble purposes throughout the Flanaess.

Formed as a joint effort between the temples of good-aligned deities to handle matters which the temples themselves lack either the time or resources to handle, the Blades recruits and trains good-aligned adventurers to work as highly specialized strike units.  The organization itself provides these adventurers with a source of information, reasonably priced equipment, training, and other resources.   In exchange, the adventuring companies provide the Blades with information which they gather, and a fine selection of magical arms and equipment from their ventures which the individual companies do not find a need for.

In many respects, the Blades of Light is like an adventurers' guild for those of good heart who seek to improve the world for the sake of all living beings.

This page details the Headquarters of this organization within the City of Dyvers.

Blades of Light HQ Overview

1. The Smithy - This is the smithy.  The basement below the building holds an armory and storage room, as well as a secret passage leading underground and up to the War Room of the East Wing, South.  The 2nd floor holds the living quarters of Gilto Torkrest, master smith.

2. The Stables - This large stables is run by Gallo Orintra, who lives in the building in the Southeast corner of the stables.

3. The East Wing, North - Here you will find the study, the library, the lab and several small rooms which members may use for their own experimentation and research into things magical and mundane.  Stalar Tack (head loremaster)  and Chikraer Laughingwanderer (Archmage) have private rooms on the 2nd floor of this wing.

4. The Central Tower - This 4 story tower holds the greeting center and waiting room for the organization.  The 2nd and 3rd floor are training rooms, and the 4th story holds a comfortable sitting room as well as a meeting room, both with exceptional views of the surrounding cityscape.

5. The East Wing, South - The most prominent feature of this wing is the large War Room, where commander Kagan can usually be found pouring over maps and missives pertaining to events and activities occurring throughout the region.  Also nearby is the Supply room, store room, and a small armory.  The 2nd floor of the wing holds the private quarters of Sergeant Molaaf, Captain Milo Longhaft and Ped Glitterleaf (chief supply officer), as well as a few guestrooms.  A small section of the wing also has a 3rd level which holds the private suite of Commander Kagan.

6. The North Wing - Here is where the classrooms and main training rooms of the Blades lie. On both the 1st and 2nd floors.

7. The South Wing - The kitchens and mess hall lie in this wing, as well as a spacious ballroom on the 2nd floor.  As Kagan is the militaristic sort, the ballroom has been retrofitted into a large arena and martial practice area, with few actual celebrations ever held there since he has come to lead the Dyver's Blades.  The cellar below the level contains the larder and food storage.  Also on the 2nd floor are the quarters of Sheilla Laughingwanderer, wife of Chikraer and head cook.


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