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Tangle Wire

This thin barbed wire, coated with a less-adhesive though longer-lasting form of the substance found in tanglefoot bags, is difficult to transport and handle, but easy to string across a narrow opening. Tangle wire comes wrapped into a tight bundle, but once unwound it cannot be rewound and stored for later use. A single bundle consists of a 10' strand. To avoid a tangle wire, a character must make a successful  Spot check (DC15). Those who fail this spot check and blunder into the wire will be caught by the wire and take 1d2 points of damage per round unless they stand completely immobile. Additionally, they cannot move out of the 5' square until they are free of the its grip. Escaping from a tangle wire requires a dexterity or escape artist check (DC20) to escape or a strength check (DC15) to pull away. A character with a slashing weapon can free himself as a full round action. If the victim is willing to take damage from the wire, he can act normally (other than moving out of the square) while caught.