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A small bundle of the same substance used to make tanglefoot bags, attached to the end of a rope. When the rope is thrown with enough force and accuracy, the bundle breaks, creating a temporary means of securing the rope. As this is much quieter and easier to transport than a grappling hook, it is a popular choice for those who must rely on stealth. In order to properly strike the designated 'target' the thrower must make a ranged attack. Holdfast has a range increment of 10'. AC modifiers for size, of course, apply. Thus, someone trying to hit any point high on a 30' wall must try to hit AC3 with a -4 penalty for range (the desired area of the wall is HUGE). A character trying to hit a spot within 1 foot of a 2 foot wide window high on a 40' wall would have to hit AC7 (the spot aimed for is tiny) with a -6 penalty on the attack roll due to range. Note that taking a full round to line up the throw provides an additional +5 to the attack roll as per the PHB (pg. 135). A miss when throwing the Holdfast has a 50% chance of causing the bundle to break against another surface.One bag of holdfast can support 200 pounds, and lasts 1d4+3 rounds before becoming too weak to hold the rope. Creatures struck by holdfast can pull off the sticky bag with a Strength check (DC27) or cut the attached rope.