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Attribute Enhancer

Attribute enhancement elixirs are one of the most sought after of alchemical formulaes. Each does of the enhancer raises an ability score by 1 point, permanently! However, for every such elixir consumed, a roll must be made on the 'random side-effect' table (below), with a -20% penalty per such elixir (cumulative).

Additionally, if the alchemist fails their alchemy check when manufacturing an enhancer, they are not even aware of the failure; drinking a 'failed' attribute enhancer grants no enhancement to attributes, but automatically results in a random mutation from the 'random side-effect' table (roll1d%-50 on the table below).

Random Side Effects

<=10% Loss of Life.
11-20% Lose 1d4 points from a randomly determined ability
21-30% Lose 1d2 points from a randomly determined ability.
31-40% Elixir acts as "Arsenic" (DMG pg.80)
41-50% Inflicted with "Blinding Sickness" (DMG pg. 75)
51-60% Fatigued, suffer all effects of 'fatigue' until getting a complete day of bedrest.
51-100% No ill effects.

The exact formula for manufacture of attribute enhancers are secret and rare knowledge. The enhancer's are not available on the open market due to their difficulty in manufacture and their rarity. Additionally, manufacture of these elixirs requires rare and hard to get ingredients, listed below. Other rare ingredients for the various Elixir's may exist as well.:

Strength Elixir - The blood of a titan.

Dexterity Elixier - The blood of a quickling brownie.

Constitution Elixir - The blood of a giant 2-headed troll.

Intelligence Elixir - The tears of a great red wyrm.

Wisdom Elixir - Essence of a silver wyrm.

Charisma Elixir - The blood of a Succubi.