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Welcome to Stormkeep, the home site for my 3E D&D campaign.

This website last modified on Monday, December 24, 2001 05:24 PM EST

Most recent updates to this site:

  • December 26th

    • Adopted rules for "extreme tumbling" from Oriental Adventures.  These provide for some exceptional feats of tumbling for anyone who has devoted many, many ranks to the skill.  Details can be found on the House Rules page.
    • Massive additions to Prestige Classes, feats, skills, domains and more.  See the December 26th entry on the  What's new page for specific details of what all has been added. 
    • Updated all Inline frames on the site, reducing their size so that the entire frame, and scrollbar, can be viewed at one time if the browser window is made large enough.  (Optimized for full screen browsing at 800x600 or larger).
  • December 23rd

    • Added a new section to the site containing official errata for various 3E rule books.
    • Updated the armory to reflect changes indicated by the official S&F errata.  On a side note, the DM was pleased to note that his "house rule" change to the bladed gauntlet's crit range was in the official errata.
    • Hunted down and stamped out a nasty script error that was occurring on the Skills page on the left menu bar.  I never knew it was a problem until recently, wish someone had spoken up sooner.

(see the What's new page for prior update information)

What's next?

  • Campaign session logs for the last session need to be added.
  • The Ol' Boar Inn is incredibly out dated and needs to be brought to current.

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